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Gummy Gloss Extra Hold Hair Styling Wax (5 oz)


  • 5 oz or 150 mL
  • Gloss Extra Hold Finish

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HOW TO USE: Apply to damp or dry hair by massaging the desired amount into palms and work through hair.

DESCRIPTION: Fonex, a reputable men’s cosmetics brand, has become an essential choice for men’s hair salons and consumers worldwide, thanks to its innovative, technical, and functional products created under Fonex Cosmetics.

This product offers a long-lasting and extra-shiny look for hair, making it perfect for dynamic hairstyles without causing oiliness. Infused with a delightful strawberry scent, it adds a fruity touch to your grooming routine.

Its water-based transparent structure provides robust holding power, a stable hold, and an extra bright look throughout the day. Enriched with provitamin B5 (panthenol), it actively strengthens hair strands.

By strengthening hair strands from root to tip, it enhances elasticity, resulting in stronger, softer, and nourished hair. Free from parabens and alcohol, this formulation prioritizes hair health.

Thanks to its moisturizing formulation, it helps hair regain the necessary moisture and replenish lost water without leaving any residue. A perfect solution for a vibrant and healthy-looking hairstyle.



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