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DERBY Premium Double Edge Blades (5 x 20)


  • The product boasts sharp and smooth edges, and each blade is individually wrapped with wax paper
  • It’s designed to be compatible with standard double-edge safety razors.
  • The blades are constructed from Swedish steel and have a polymer coating.
  • The product comes in 20 packs, with each pack containing 5 blades.
  • The country of origin is Turkey.

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Derby’s razor blades feature a Chromium-ceramic-platinum-tungsten composition, and the edges are coated with a polymer for added durability. It’s crucial to have a quality blade that is sharp for an effective and pleasant shave. Derby blades are a fantastic value, surpassing the competition in various aspects such as affordability, sharpness, longevity, smoothness of shave, and overall quality, establishing a benchmark in the industry. These blades fit all Double Edge / Safety Razors brands such as Shaving Factory, Merkur, Wilkinson, Edwin Jagger, and Muhle. The blades are produced in Turkey and made with Swedish Steel.



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