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ANDIS Cool Care Plus Can Disinfectant (15.5 oz)


Keep your style game on point without overheating your clipper blades with Andis Cool Care Plus. This five-in-one treatment provides complete blade maintenance, offering cleaning, cooling, sanitizing, lubricating, and rust prevention in a single aerosol can. With a high-pressure, contoured nozzle, it quickly disinfects, cleans, and extends the life of your blades while maintaining advanced hygiene. Achieve a spotless finish without detaching the blade, and enjoy the next level features of this premium color and razor precision spray.

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Elevate your style game while ensuring the longevity of your clipper blades with Andis Cool Care Plus. True artists know the importance of bringing the heat but also recognize the need to cool it down. With this complete five-in-one treatment, you can provide total blade maintenance in a convenient aerosol can.

Andis Cool Care Plus is the ultimate solution for clean, cool, sanitized, lubricated, and rust-prevented clipper blades. This ultra-versatile formula is expertly packaged to offer a range of benefits, including advanced hygiene and extended blade life. By simply spraying a few quick bursts between each fresh cut, you can boost the performance and longevity of your blades to new heights while eliminating potential germs.

The high-pressure, contoured nozzle is designed to disinfect and clean your blades quickly and efficiently. It even blasts away stray hairs from the teeth of the blade, ensuring a spotless finish without the need to detach the blade. This time-saving feature allows you to maintain a seamless workflow, enhancing your efficiency and precision.

Andis Cool Care Plus goes beyond the basics, offering next-level features that set it apart. It disinfects quickly, providing a hygienic environment for your tools. The five-in-one spray combines blade coolant, disinfectant, lubricant, cleaner, and rust pre-treatment, making it a comprehensive solution for total blade maintenance. The premium colour adds a touch of sophistication to your grooming routine, while the precision of the spray ensures targeted application.

Keep your style game strong and your clipper blades in optimal condition with Andis Cool Care Plus. Experience the convenience and effectiveness of this all-in-one treatment, providing clean, cool, sanitized, lubricated, and rust-free blades. Step up your grooming game and achieve professional-level results with this advanced and versatile formula


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