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Clubman Pinaud Powder (Original) 9 oz


Experience the ultimate moisture control with Pinaud Clubman Powder. Specifically formulated to keep you cool, calm, and irritation-free all day, this unique blend of Cornstarch, Zinc Oxide, and Kaolin keeps your skin dry and smooth. Infused with the classic Clubman Scent, it leaves you feeling fresh and odor-free. With its highly absorbent properties, Cornstarch prevents chafing and controls moisture, while Zinc Oxide soothes and cools irritated skin. Kaolin helps dry the skin and alleviate associated irritations.

  • 9 oz

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Stay cool, calm, and irritation-free all day with the help of Pinaud Clubman Powder. This specially formulated powder is designed to control moisture and provide a refreshing experience. Its unique blend of Cornstarch, Zinc Oxide, and Kaolin works harmoniously to keep your skin dry and smooth, ensuring optimal comfort.

Cornstarch, sourced from the finest food grade powder, is micro-fine and highly absorbent. It helps prevent chafing by effectively controlling moisture, while simultaneously cooling, soothing, and refreshing irritated skin. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a dry and comfortable feeling.

Zinc Oxide, a natural ingredient known for its soothing properties, plays a vital role in this powder. It helps to calm and cool irritated and chapped skin, providing relief and reducing itching. Experience the gentle and comforting effects as Zinc Oxide works its magic.

Kaolin, another key ingredient, contributes to the powder’s effectiveness in drying the skin and alleviating associated irritations. Its properties make it an excellent choice for maintaining a fresh and irritation-free complexion.

Embrace the classic Clubman Scent that accompanies this powder, leaving you feeling fresh and odor-free throughout the day. Simply apply it after a shower or bath to experience a renewed sense of freshness.

Say goodbye to excessive moisture and discomfort with Pinaud Clubman Powder. Discover the power of its unique blend of ingredients, carefully selected to provide you with a cool, calm, and irritation-free experience. Enjoy the benefits of Cornstarch, Zinc Oxide, and Kaolin as they work together to maintain dry, smooth, and refreshed skin.


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