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ANDIS Blade Care Plus Dip Jar (16 oz)


Unleash your creativity with Cool, Clean Blades using Blade Care Plus. This premium jar of seven-in-one formula is enriched with essential Vitamin E, providing eco-safe blade care. Cool, deodorize, lubricate, clean, and prevent rust with a quick dip. Simply immerse your blade in the tranquil sea blue liquid, rinse, and prepare for your innovative journey ahead. Experience the next level features of this eco-friendly and enriched formula for ultimate blade care.

  • 16 oz

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Let your creativity soar while keeping your tools in pristine condition with Blade Care Plus. Art knows no limits, and to ensure your blades are ready for every creation, reach for this premium jar of seven-in-one formula.

Blade Care Plus comes in a tranquil sea blue jar, adding a touch of serenity to your grooming routine. Enriched with essential Vitamin E, this ultra-versatile formula provides comprehensive blade care while being eco-safe for both humans and animals.

Experience the convenience of a complete blade care routine in just one quick dip. Blade Care Plus is designed to cool, deodorize, lubricate, clean, and prevent rust, all with a single immersion. Pour a small amount of Blade Care Plus into the jar’s lid or bowl, gently immerse your blade under the liquid’s surface, and run your clipper for five seconds to rinse away excess hair and buildup. This simple process ensures that your blades are prepared for the innovative journey ahead.

Blade Care Plus offers next-level features that elevate your blade care experience. With its seven-in-one formula, it covers all the essential aspects of blade maintenance, saving you time and effort. The eco-friendly nature of the formula ensures that it is safe for the environment and the well-being of both humans and animals.

Prepare your detachable blades for endless creativity and flawless performance with Blade Care Plus Dip. Immerse them in this enriched formula and witness the transformative power it has on their longevity and performance. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your blades are protected, clean, and ready to bring your artistic visions to life.

Embrace the next level features of Blade Care Plus, including its seven-in-one blade care properties and eco-friendly formulation. Discover the ease and effectiveness of this enriched formula, enriched with essential Vitamin E for optimal blade care. Elevate your grooming routine and unlock limitless creative possibilities with cool, clean blades.


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