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Got2B Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Gel (6 oz)


Experience the unrivaled hold of this gel and take your hair to new heights with the strongest gel hold ever. Powered by the high-tech styling agent Alpha XTR, this non-sticky and no-flake formula allows you to cement your individual style. When the party is over, simply wash it out with shampoo. Embrace limitless styling possibilities and unleash your creativity with this gel.

  • 6 oz

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Unleash the power of the strongest gel hold ever with this exceptional styling product. This gel’s hold is no joke, making it perfect for those who crave gravity-defying hairstyles and want to make a bold statement. Powered by the advanced styling agent Alpha XTR, this gel offers a non-sticky and no-flake formula that allows you to take your hair to new heights.

Whether you want to create daring spikes, sculpted looks, or unique designs, this gel provides the strength and hold you need to achieve your desired style. Cement your individuality and express your creativity without limitations. Embrace the freedom to experiment and push the boundaries of hairstyling.

When the time comes to switch up your look or the party comes to an end, you can easily un-glue your hair with a little shampoo. No need to worry about residue or build-up. This gel offers both exceptional hold and effortless removal, ensuring a hassle-free styling experience.

Don’t hold back—style away with confidence and let this gel be your ultimate styling companion. Transform your hair into a masterpiece, defy gravity, and leave a lasting impression. With this gel, the possibilities are endless, and your style knows no bounds. Embrace the strongest gel hold ever and make a statement that is uniquely yours


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