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ECO Style Styling Gel Argan Oil


Revitalize and condition your hair using Argan Oil styling gel that contains natural Argan oil. This gel nourishes your hair, controls frizz and adds shine all day long. With a lightweight hold and flexibility, Argan Oil gel allows you to achieve your desired hairstyle.

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EcoStyle’s Argan Oil Styling Gel is infused with nourishing oils derived from the Moroccan Argan tree, providing conditioning benefits while offering a weightless, long-lasting hold. This versatile hair gel is suitable for all hair types and delivers moisture to both the hair and scalp, helping to set your styles in place and create a smooth, sleek finish. Whether applied to wet or dry hair, this styling gel provides a flake-free, tack-free finish with superior hold, making it perfect for achieving slicked-back looks.

  • To use, apply the product to either wet or dry hair, then work the desired amount through your hair before styling it as desired.



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