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Ampro Shine’n Jam Extra Hold Gel


  • Shine ‘n Jam® Extra Hold is a top-quality gel with no alcohol, parabens, wax, petrolatum, or silicones.
  • It provides a firm hold without flaking or greasiness and is fortified with Honey Extract to nourish hair.
  • This versatile gel can be used for a range of hairstyles, from soft waves to braids, locks, and twists.
  • It conditions hair while offering extra-firm hold, making it suitable for any hair type.
  • It is a gentle, safe and effective product that you can trust to keep your hair looking fabulous.


Shine ‘n Jam® Extra Hold is the finest gel available in the market and it is free of alcohol, parabens, wax, petrolatum, and silicones. This moisturizing gel offers a firm hold that doesn’t flake and is non-greasy. It’s enriched with Honey Extract, which helps to fortify hair. You can use it for a variety of hairstyles, including soft waves, braids, locks, twists, or any style you desire! This conditioning gel is formulated with Honey Extract and provides an extra-firm hold. It is free of alcohol, wax, parabens, and petrolatum, ensuring that it is gentle on your hair.

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4 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz


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